Friday, April 21, 2006

The Fart Button

There is an ad on that got me. It was a big white square with a red button in the center and it said, "The Fart it. You know you want to." or something like that. In the lower right hand corner there are the words Sound: on/off.

Now, I KNEW this was fake. I KNEW it was an ad. But I had to push it. I had this insane need to hear a fake fart noise. I even turned the volume on my speakers up a notch. Just to get that funny little fake fart noise. Actually, I kind of hoped it would be a great big fake fart noise. LOL!

Of course, a new window popped up and it tried to get me to download jokes of the day, etc. I'm so disappointed and irritated with myself. It's not like I don't hear enough farting at home between Patrick and Moira. Jeez.


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