Friday, January 20, 2006


Is there a more glorious word? It's insane to put so much hope into one little word. Patrick and I are really scrounging for money these days and trying to recover from Christmas. So what are we doing? Spending money on Powerball tickets. In all fairness, it isn't actually money that we have anyway. Dad gave everyone in the family some scratch-off tickets for Christmas and we won $4 with one of ours. We'll be using that $4 to play Powerball.

Why the sudden interest? Well, we're broke. All we have is the hope of winning that $101 MILLION. That, and it's new to Oklahoma. The whole lottery idea is, really. Being in the Bible Belt, gambling is such a huge no-no. Oh, unless you're Native American and then you just raise big casinoes every 5 or 10 miles and make billions. LOL. I think the state finally got the idea that people are going to gamble regardless.

So here I am, daydreaming about winning that money in tomorrow night's drawing. You know, I'm not even going to be greedy. One of the lesser prizes would be fine, too. Take the $200k or $10k prizes, for example. That would certainly pay off a credit card or two. Oh, and pay for Moira's fast-approaching birthday!


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