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Monday, December 19, 2005

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Friday, December 16, 2005

I believe in political correctness...

Lately there has been news stories about government offices being attacked for displaying Christmas decorations, because it offends non-Christians. I think this is wrong. I work in a government office and if I weren't so lazy, I would have decorated. I am a Christian, so my decorations would most likely be the typical tree and lights. Anyone who chose to disagree with my choice of decor could stuff it. I believe that it wouldn't be so much a matter of seperation of church and state, as a matter of my right to decorate my workspace (i.e. this office) any way I see fit. After all, I'm the one who has to look at these walls day in and day out.

This being said, I am kind of pissed at all people who are going around saying things like, "I'm not going to say Happy Holidays, because it's CHRISTMAS! Christ-mas! Christ is the whole reason for this season!" Yes, Christ is the reason for Christmas, but these jackasses are forgetting that people also celebrate Chanuka, Kwanzaa, and other holidays. And to be frank, I always thought that the term "Happy Holidays" included New Year's Day, which isn't a religious holiday anyway and therefore no one should be offended!

As a Christian, I try to send out cards that specifically say "Happy Holidays!" because I want to INCLUDE other religions/cultures. Not because I'm afraid of offending anyone! Maybe I'm the only person that was taught TOLERANCE when I was growing up?

I am so sick of people wearing their political sensitivies on their sleeves. Be accepting, people. Life is hard enough as it is.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Iron Chef

Have you ever watched that show "Iron Chef"?

Basically, there is a contest between 3 or 4 chefs where they are all given the same ingredients and they have to create and cook a meal using those ingredients. There is a panel of judges who tastes the dishes at the end of the show and decides who wins based on presentation and flavor.
I don't like this show. It isn't realistic.

I want to see these chefs given ingredients like hamburger meat, dill pickles, brown sugar, tomato sauce, any salad dressing, and a head of lettuce that is mostly rusted.

Then, the judges need to consist of a very hungry man and at least one, but preferably two children, elementary school-aged and younger.

The most points should be given for speed, then taste, and lastly, leftover ingredients that can be used for the next night's challenge.

This is real life. This is a real challenge that women all over the country are taking on daily. Someone should talk to Food Network about this.

Holidays, Part II - November 28, 2005

My first post was really long, so I broke it up...

My other reason for disliking holidays: Gifts. Don't get me wrong. I love buying meaningful gifts for the people I care about. I dislike buying crap gifts because it's expected.

Most of the people I know generally buy themselves anything they need that would be in our price range. So Patrick and I stress and worry about what to give people and generally end up buying whatever falls in the floor in front of us at Walmart. People say, "Just don't buy anything. They'll understand." Well, I know they would, but it's really hard to do that to people who have been so generous to us throughout the entire year.

Then there are the kids. Nicole has everything. She's only 10 and has a 4-wheeler, a VCR, a DVD player, a portable DVD player, 2 televisions, 2 bikes, tons of movies, a skateboard, a piano keyboard, well...you get the idea. Granted, she has two homes, but the kid doesn't want for anything. She also has more money in savings than Patrick and I do and more clothes than she can fit in her closet.

Why does this irritate me so much? Because she has so many THINGS that she doesn't really take care of anything. She doesn't respect what she's given. My grandfather gave her a $100 savings bond for her birthday (belated) on Thursday. She has no idea what she's done with it. Forgot all about it until I asked her where it was yesterday. She gets pajamas every year for Christmas and yet when she comes to our house, all she wants to wear is one of Patrick's t-shirts. I honestly wish I could tell my family to just not get her anything at all.

I keep requesting that there be a gift limit on what everyone gets Moira. I don't want her to be the same way and we have SO MUCH family that she'll get plenty. I have even talked to Patrick about making her "friends party" for her birthday in March be a giftless party or a donate-to-charity kind of party. It's a bone of contention between the two of us, so no decision has been made. Maybe after Christmas he'll see my point.

More than likely, it will hit him when we have to add another room onto our house just to put all of the girls' stuff.

Holidays - November 28, 2005

I am starting to dislike the holidays. Well, starting isn't exactly accurate. This feeling has been around for a few years.

The problem is we have exactly FIVE Christmases to attend. That's five Christmases to schedule around, five Christmases to buy gifts for, five Christmases to cook for, and five Christmases to drive to. I feel very blessed that we have so much family that wants to spend time with us, but some of it is really ridiculous.

Christmas #1: Christmas with my mom's family in McAlester. I love this one. I get to see my Nana and Gramps and my Fabulous Aunt Shelley. As well as another aunt and uncle and my two cousins.

Christmas #2: Patrick's Aunt Lucy's house. This is usually the weekend before Christmas and most of the time doesn't interfere with anything, but we are supposed to buy a $10 gift from each of us to put in a pile and then draw numbers to see who receives what. This is so stupid. What can you buy with $10 that someone will actually need or want? There is no thought put into it because you have no idea who will get your gift. I have actually spent a little more than my $10 the past couple of years so I can get something kind of nice. It doesnt matter. The people who open my gift just look at it and stuff it back in the box.

Christmas #3: Dad's family. Always, always, always on Christmas Eve. Since Grandma passed away in 2002, my family has started falling apart. My aunt and cousins don't particularly care for my dad (he's nice, just odd) and I don't particularly care for them. We go because Grandpa is there. I hate having dinner there, though, because when I am told what the theme is (we try to stay away from turkey and ham because everyone has multiple holidays), I go to the grocery store, buy what I want to bring, and usually have someone tell me, "No, Sherry is bringing that. You need to bring ____ instead." So I get to make a second trip to the store. If they would just tell me what is expected of me in the first place, it wouldn't be so bad. THEN, my weirdo dad has to video tape every Christmas. This is because he's a tax man and can prove some of his deductions...plus, if anything should ever happen to one of us (fire, flood, etc.) we have proof of these possessions. He's just a little obnoxious. I sincerely wonder if Dad is losing his hearing, because he yells a lot at the camera.

Christmas #4: Mom and Terry and all us kids. Mom has gotten it in her head that in addition to our Christmas at Nana's, we need to have a small intimate gathering. I think this is partly because my aunts and uncle got tired of watching us open all of our gifts at Nana's. I see the point and mostly don't mind, but it's just one more thing to schedule.

Christmas #5: Patrick's family. We go to Patrick's Mom and Dad's house on Christmas Day. This never changes. It actually used to be Christmas Eve, but my sister-in-law did her family thing that day and they needed change it. My mother-in-law FLIPPED OUT, but moved it anyway. Patrick's family is weird. They don't do dinner because my mil won't cook. She would prefer to do sandwiches, but is too cheap to buy turkey or hame or real deli meat. She'll only buy bologna. My sil and I conspire and generally take care of the meat and chips and dip. Sherry makes the best Rotel dip. As for opening gifts: My mil buys her own and wraps them. So we get to watch her open 30 gifts from herself. Geez.

Deception - November 1, 2005

Why is it that the person you see in the mirror is never the same person you see on camera?

Today I look in the mirror and I look good! I'm wearing a great push-up bra, a lower cut sweater, jeans, tall shoes. My hair is fixed. I feel good.

So I'm trying to capture it with my camera. Not happening. The person in the pictures is gross. LOL. I can show you a great shot of my boobs, though! Just ask if you're interested...hahaha.

I hate AMANDA!!! - October 25, 2005

Okay, hate is a strong word. More likely, I'm jealous. I am the sole female in an office of 45 men. I have busted my ass trying to fit in with these jerkwads for 2 and a half years. Then little Miss Summer Intern shows up with her red hair and her 22 year old body and they immediately think she's the best thing since sliced bread.

Then today she comes in all bragging about how she shot an 8-point buck last night. To these guys, she's now a goddess...especially when you add in her talking about how she made an apple cobbler from scratch and "Oh, I should have brought some for ya'll!"


What gets me is how she finagled it so that now that the summer intern program is over, she's an Aid for one of my biologists all fall and winter!!! I'm so sick of her!!!

They eat lunch with her. In all the time I've been here, I've been asked to lunch ONCE! I know it isn't me, because they did the same thing to Nancy, the secretary before me. Assholes.

The "old" me - October 24, 2005

I have recently been found by an old friend. I am really excited to be in touch with him again. I honestly can't remember how long it's been...9th grade???

Anyway, it reminds me of how out of touch I have become with the person I used to be. The pictures of me on this site are the "old" me. The single, fun me.

I wouldn't trade having my daughter for anything, but I do miss the days of going out and spending time with people. Not just coming home and repeating the same chores/evening rituals night after night.

I got drunk Saturday night. It was the first time in over 3 years. The really crappy part? It was red wine! And I only had 3 glasses! I never drink wine. I drink beer. I drink margaritas. I drink Bourbon and Coke. My MOTHER drinks wine!

I look in the mirror and don't recognize myself. Gone are the days of having curves in the right spots. Since getting married and having Mo, I've packed on 30+ lbs. I have a bright gray streak in my hair and I'm starting to notice wrinkles.

I hate getting old! I hate being mature all the time! I hate having to always be the responsible one! And I hate that all of my friends are out living exciting lives while I'm stuck in this stupid town!

I feel so at-war with who I am, who I want to be, and who I should be.
Heaven help me. I'm going to have a nervous breakdown before I reach 30.

A Day for Memories - October 10, 2005

Starting new blog...copying some entries from another blog I have to keep them all together. Hence the date in the title.

You know that one person that you'll never forget? That first true love that stole your heart? My first love was John Lagas. He lived in Kansas City, MO and I fell in love with him my freshman year of college.
Today is John's birthday. I have no idea where he is or what he's doing. We lost touch about 8 years ago. He still holds that special place in my heart and I'll always think of him fondly. Sometimes I wish I could catch up with him, see how he's doing, but I worry that it will ruin my memories.
Anyway, every year on October 10th. I remember John and smile.